What is going on?! Yesterday seemed like Monday on steroids. Our 3 year old who has been potty training for months had more accidents than a blind man driving. I cleaned up poop off a wall before I had a cup of coffee. Then pee in her bed, pee again later as well as poop in her panties. That alone had me ripping my hair out. I don’t know why this go round seems tougher to potty train. I am far more stressed. I am trying not to be. But how many times can we go through this before it makes sense to her?!

That paired with a plethora of other things going on with work. My work that has been frustrating as well as Kevin’s job too. Yesterday was just a trying day. We also have our oldest daughters birthday party on Saturday. I have so much to prep for her birthday party. I am feeling pretty stressed about it.

I am trying to just let things be and not feel like I need to control everything. But I know that I get a sense of peace when I have a plan, things are going according to my plan and I don’t feel rushed. Lately, that doesn’t seem to be the case. I have been diffusing calming oils to help me calm down and not stress so much. I know I need an outlet. I need to figure out time to get my punching bag up so I can use kickboxing as my outlet. I need a coffee date with a good friend who is willing to let me vent and not tell me how to “fix” everything. I need date nights with my husband.

Right now, I am going to clean up while I wait for ‘a million little things’ to air. Then head to bed and hope tomorrow brings something great to get me hopeful and productive again.

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