What is going on?! Yesterday seemed like Monday on steroids. Our 3 year old who has been potty training for months had more accidents than a blind man driving. I cleaned up poop off a wall before I had a cup of coffee. Then pee in her bed, pee again later as well as poop in her panties. That alone had me ripping my hair out. I don’t know why this go round seems tougher to potty train. I am far more stressed. I am trying not to be. But how many times can we go through this before it makes sense to her?!

That paired with a plethora of other things going on with work. My work that has been frustrating as well as Kevin’s job too. Yesterday was just a trying day. We also have our oldest daughters birthday party on Saturday. I have so much to prep for her birthday party. I am feeling pretty stressed about it.

I am trying to just let things be and not feel like I need to control everything. But I know that I get a sense of peace when I have a plan, things are going according to my plan and I don’t feel rushed. Lately, that doesn’t seem to be the case. I have been diffusing calming oils to help me calm down and not stress so much. I know I need an outlet. I need to figure out time to get my punching bag up so I can use kickboxing as my outlet. I need a coffee date with a good friend who is willing to let me vent and not tell me how to “fix” everything. I need date nights with my husband.

Right now, I am going to clean up while I wait for ‘a million little things’ to air. Then head to bed and hope tomorrow brings something great to get me hopeful and productive again.

4 Months

Our baby boy had his 4 month appointment last week. He is 27″ long and 18 lbs 2.5 oz. Clark is in 9 month clothing. He is practicing sitting up and rolls around back to front and front to back.

Today our oldest turns 6! She feels so grown up that we have to serve her dinner on an Adult plate and she needs an Adult fork. We all need name tags at our seats so we know where to sit. 6 comes with a lot of rules.

Potty training our 3 year old feels like an impossible task. We have amazing days where there are no accidents and everything is great! But then we have our bad days, all kinds of accidents, bad attitudes and a lot of frustration. When is this going to be finally over?! I need a break!