Blood work

After having some version of gestational diabetes with Clark, I had been checking my numbers randomly. My fasting number still bounces around. My OB/GYN was a little concerned. I have to do the 2 hour glucose test. I was told to have my primary care do some blood work for the A1C. I did that Monday. Got the results back this morning. It is in the normal range, but on the higher end. Sounds like I am good for now and will likely have to get that checked regularly.

There were some other tests that were run. I don’t know what they measure…. But I can see one is high and one is low. I imagine that my Primary will go over the results and tell me if there is any reason to be concerned.

In the meantime, I have my OB office sending my records to Shady Grove to see if I could be approved for a second surrogacy if we choose to do so.

I have been stressed lately. With the younger two being watched at home, I often have to step in to handle a melt down or a tantrum. That also means that once I am off the clock from my full time job, I am clocked in for Mom duty. I don’t get 5,10, 30 minutes to myself. I don’t get 2 seconds to wind down. I go from one to the other. Most days it’s fine. I get a little behind with the house cleaning, laundry and dinner is often on the table later than I would like. But when Clark needs attention, a diaper change or to be fed….I need to tend to him. Same goes for Aurelia. She has been doing a lot better with potty training. It’s still a struggle. But she hasn’t had much in the way of accidents lately. Her little potty has moved to the bathroom. She now has 2 in there. She chooses which one to use each time. She has even used the adult toilet a few times with my help so she doesn’t fall in.

Diana has been doing well with school. She is excited to point out her sight words. She will write down words that you spell out for her. She sometimes falls asleep early. Not having the nap and being busy and challenged on a daily basis is wearing on her and she needs the extra sleep. With that, some meltdowns happen too. Tonight, Clark was fussy. Probably more tired than anything. I was trying to prepare dinner. Kevin was frustrated with Clark and was getting more frustrated as time went on. I took him to change him. Long story short ….Diana and Kevin both seemed to have an attitude and had zero patience….leaving me to handle a screaming infant, an upset 6 year old and a compliant 3 year old. Poor Aurelia cleaned up the best she knew how while her sister ran to the basement to be with Daddy.

Nights like this make me wish I could just get a break. Leave to relax and not have to deal with attitude, tantrums and screaming tired infants. But being a mom…there are no breaks. Just try to breathe through, do the best I can and hope for a better day tomorrow. Perhaps one day I can be the kind of mom I imagined I would be.