Au revoir 2022, Bonjour 2023!!!

Reflecting on 2022, it started out struggling with our HVAC situation and trying to manage life knowing we have a huge expense coming our way. Having to let go of our Nanny and put Aurelia in daycare.

In August we were hit again with my husband losing his job and security. We were challenged to figure out how we were going to manage to pay everything, still make life comfortable for the kids and have Kevin find another job. We made it through mostly unscathed.

We are ending 2022 being thankful for our savings being able to cover our unfortunate situation this year. Thankful for our friends and family being our support system while we navigate through life’s challenges. And thankful for Kevin finding an amazing job.

Here’s to welcoming in 2023 with open arms. Planning more time for family fun, friends and working on being a happier healthier self.


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