8 months old

Holy moly time is flying by. Our little man is 8 months old now. He has 3 teeth. Eats everything. He is like a puppy and cheese anything he can touch. If you are eating, you need to be sharing with him. He started crawling on all 4’s Jan 17th ish…. And not much longer started pulling himself up. He doesn’t want to be on the floor. He wants to be standing. He tries so hard….and falls hard too. Clark wants to walk. I have to get the toy out of the garage and clean it up. Poor babe thinks he is being left behind since he isn’t walking and everyone else is.

Clark 8 months old

I am still getting used to the decision that I cannot be a surrogate again. It was such an amazing experience and so fulfilling.

If anyone has questions about surrogacy, I would be more than happy to help answer them based on my experience alone.

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